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A One Machine Solution for Your Autumn Outdoor Needs

Outdoor cleaning is tough, especially when the darker seasons roll in. But businesses can’t simply stop operating, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Those with yards, grounds and other outdoor areas can particularly struggle to stay on top of things, especially when poor weather rolls in and days become shorter.

In this article, we take a look at a piece of equipment that can help maintain your outdoor facility/grounds as well as offer plenty of multi-function.

The problem with autumn

It’s difficult for people to hate autumn, it’s a pretty season and often a relief after a hot summer. However, autumn also brings rain, earlier evenings, wind and leaves. Lots of leaves. For some businesses, autumn is the mud before the river, a test before getting to the real challenge. By preparing correctly for autumn and having the necessary equipment in place, you’ll also be ready for what comes after it.

Those with indoor facilities have it a little easier; they don’t have as much of a struggle with the weather and their operations can typically continue even if its freezing outside. Outdoor facilities however have a constant struggle – dry warmer days can be infrequent so much business has to be conducted in the cold and the wet. If clients frequently come by, the yard/grounds have to be kept clean and tidy. To complete operations successfully, equipment has to be able to function in unpredictable conditions and often complete multiple tasks.

So, what can help?

We’ve spoken in length about how forklifts can have different attachments, making them incredibly useful. Not only can a large number of add-ons be used (such as buckets, scoops, gritters etc.) but the option of an enclosed cab can make a massive difference.

But what if you wanted a piece of equipment that could care for all your yard/grounds maintenance, separate from your forklift (which could then continue, uninhibited with your day to day operations).

Enter; outdoor cleaners.

Outstanding Outdoor Cleaning with Hako

Outdoor cleaners are commonly thought of (and seen) as just the little machines that cruise around town and city centres, sweeping up rubbish.

However, there’s plenty of potential to be found in the Hako range. From smaller, more compact models like the Citymaster 600 through to the much larger Citymaster 2200 there’s a machine available for every business. But let’s take a closer look at just what outdoor cleaners can offer.


Although we’re focusing on how outdoor cleaners are perfect for autumn, they’re extremely well suited to all seasons, despite their differences. Need to cut grass and hedges in spring and summer? No problem. Want to keep paths clear in autumn and winter? Whether its leaves, rubbish or snow and ice, the Citymaster can clear it.

The enclosed cabs feature air conditioning and heating to help keep your operators safe and warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather. Built to last and withstand difficult temperatures, the Citymaster range is a practical, effective and robust solution.

All models also feature all wheel drive to ensure that they can take on even the most challenging conditions. Excellent manoeuvrability and easy handling ensure that the machine and operator can safely navigate tough environments as well as travel along footpaths and on roads.

Quick-Change Attachments

The most promising feature of the Citymaster range is the ability to cater to a multitude of uses, thanks to a quick-change attachment system. With a coupling triangle at the front of the machine and a frame at the rear (which is removable) the machines are capable of using the following;

  • Sweeping unit
  • Scrub deck
  • Lawn mower/grass cutter
  • Snow brush
  • Snow blade
  • Snow plough
  • Gritter attachment and flatbed to hold the grit

They can also haul trailers, giving you a multipurpose solution that’s perfect for businesses that require their machines to handle a wide variety of applications. Swapping attachments also couldn’t be easier – doing so is a completely tool free exercise and only takes a couple of minutes. This also allows for easy maintenance of parts.

Anyway, back to autumn

One of the biggest concerns for many in the autumn is leaves. We may have mentioned them a few times.

Leaves can build up quickly, become mush equally as fast and become a legitimate health hazard if not removed. Whilst some may not consider leaves much of a problem in their outdoor facility, they can easily become a slip hazard for pedestrians and even a skid hazard for machines if they build up too much and/or become wet.

Clearing them can be an arduous, repetitive task which can strain the shoulders and back if done manually. By using the sweeper attachment on an outdoor cleaner, leaves can be cleared quickly and effectively without the need for your operator to even step outside.

Shorter days are no problem either as all outdoor cleaners feature excellent visibility and are fitted with powerful lights.

In Conclusion…

The Hako range of outdoor sweepers is a practical solution to a seasonal issue. Fully customisable and with a wide variety of attachments, they’re perfect for a wide range of applications. Well suited to difficult terrains, they can be used on grass, rough ground, pavements and much more. Want to find out more? Contact us via our website or call today on 01933 228127.

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