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Hitec go the extra mile to understand customer needs and demands

At Hitec, we pride ourselves on taking the time to really get to know your business and to understand your individual needs and requirements.

Prestige Homeseeker Park and Leisure Homes is the UK’s leading holiday lodge and residential park home manufacturer, having built an admirable reputation for design, build, quality, and service.

The business operation at Prestige is time critical and we’re always working closely to help improve how the business supplies and runs their production lines, ensuring their production line and warehouse is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

John Rycroft, Operations Manager at Prestige said: “Hitec stood out from the rest of the suppliers, they really understood the business and our needs and demands.

“They gave us time, and we run a time critical business, there’s a huge amount of pressure on the production line and if that stops there’s a massive impact.

“The added benefit for us is that Hitec is a small family business, they think outside the box and tell us how we can improve and get the best out of our fleet.

Store Manager, Graham Blades, added: “We’ve been working with Hitec for more than seven years now, our relationship is very good. They’re the best forklift supplier I have worked with and I’ve worked with many.

“They always listen and even if it’s the impossible they try and help as much as they can.”

If you need help finding the best materials handling equipment solution for your business, #AskHitec today!

You can contact us here, or call our team of local experts on 01933 228127

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