Training is critical, no matter what industry you’re in. You could work a manual job or a desk job and the training you receive wouldn’t be the same, but every single role requires a level of learning and experience in order for it to be performed safely and effectively.

For many experienced workers, who know the job like the back of their hand, you may not feel that refresher training is as necessary as it might be for those newer to their role. However it’s always important to strengthen knowledge, that way, it remains clear in the mind and can help boost caution and awareness.

But did you ever consider that refresher training could save you time and money in the long run?

In this blog we’re going to look at the different areas of your business that could benefit from additional training and the positive outcomes that would result from it.

Improved Facility, Equipment & Employee Safety

According to the Health and Safety Executive, through 2017/2018, 144 people were fatally injured in work related incidents; 26 of these were unfortunately caused by being struck by a moving vehicle.

No business intends to operate unsafely. Sometimes it comes as a result of complacency, knowing that your employees are experienced and perform their job well. But it’s vital that you don’t wait for an accident to happen before you consider additional training.

Not only can refresher training help your operatives to continue to perform their jobs to the best of their ability, but it can help keep safety practices at the forefront of their minds, increase their awareness and ultimately spur them to report any potential hazards (such as damaged racking, untidy floors, damaged forks etc) and to err on the side of caution, rather than focusing on just getting the job done.

This both helps avoid incident, but can also negate downtime if workers are injured or equipment damaged.

A More Responsible Culture…

Sometimes, an operator knows their role to the point where they can just tell if something is wrong with their equipment by a slight change in how it sounds. Often however, it can be too late by the time an issue with equipment is noticed – for example, whilst it’s in operation. This can be especially dangerous, because if your operator is using it when issues arise, it could lead to injury, or worse, fatality.

Refresher training can help reinforce the little habits which can make a massive difference. Educating operators to make sure they perform checks before they start up their equipment and get on with their work, to report any damage they notice on machines or to the facility.

…With Everyone Benefitting

This isn’t just about operators; it applies to all employees. It’s important to make sure that drivers aren’t singled out for refresher training otherwise they can feel alienated and targeted. Whether you include all your employees on manual handling or first aid courses, or even have them come into your warehouse to help them better understand potential dangers; it can all go a long way to building trust and respect with your whole team, especially if you get involved and learn with them.

This way, they’re all responsible for safety and improved awareness, in turn, keeping your facility a far safer place and encouraging them to keep it that way. This can result in a better kept facility, less equipment becoming damaged and more aware employees (especially if manual handling training is undertaken as it can lead to less time off work from strains that can be avoided. If you have suffered an injury, please don’t suffer in silence, inform your employer and consult your doctor.).

A Better Working Experience For Your Employees

A natural by-product of repeating an exercise over and over can be assuredness. Doing the same job day in and day out can mean that your employees may operate on autopilot and lack motivation.

Refresher training, especially if it offers the opportunity to learn something new (for example first aid), can help boost your employees’ moral. It indicates that you’re willing to invest in them and that their development is important to you; in turn giving them the drive to work harder and perform to the best of their ability, rather than just going through the motions.

This also means that should the opportunity arise for training in new areas, they may be more interested in their own progression, allowing you to keep roles in house rather than expanding and needing to pay for an additional member of staff with the skills you need.

Improved Equipment Knowledge

With the constant development of new technologies and the ever shifting tide of rules and regulations, this is especially important. The equipment that many industries use daily is becoming smarter and to keep up with it, your employees will need to improve their knowledge.

The threat of automation may concern many, but the smart technology that you’re more likely to encounter includes: cameras, light beams, on board computers and speed control systems.

Your employees’ understanding of such technologies can make or break your business as the years go on. Refresher training offers the opportunity of expanding your business’ equipment knowledge as a whole; if you look to purchase or hire additional equipment later on, this can give you the confidence to ask questions and insist on features you and your team may not previously have known about.

If you have on site mechanics, refresher training can also help renew any certifications needed to perform maintenance on your equipment, saving the need for you to send it away for repairs.

Refresher Training for Your Operatives

In conclusion, refresher training can benefit everyone; your employees, yourself and your business. By improving your operative’s awareness, motivation and knowledge, you’ll save yourself time and money by avoiding potential damage to equipment and injury to your employees.

If you’d like to consider refresher courses or any new training for your operatives, Hitec have a wide range of training options available to work around hours that suit you. Also, to help you make the most out of your operatives, we currently offer 5 days training for the price of 4 (on all courses).

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