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A One Machine Solution for Your Autumn Outdoor Needs

Outdoor work is tough, especially when the darker seasons roll in. But businesses can’t simply stop operating, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Those with yards, grounds and other outdoor areas can particularly struggle to stay on top of things, especially when poor weather rolls in and days become shorter.

In this article, we take a look at a piece of equipment that can help maintain your outdoor facility/grounds as well as offer plenty of multi-function.

The problem with autumn

It’s difficult for people to hate autumn, it’s a pretty season and often a relief after a hot summer. However, autumn also brings rain, earlier evenings, wind and leaves. Lots of leaves. For some businesses, autumn is the mud before the river, a test before getting to the real challenge. By preparing correctly for autumn and having the necessary equipment in place, you’ll also be ready for what comes after it.

Those with indoor facilities have it a little easier; they don’t have as much of a struggle with the weather and their operations can typically continue even if its freezing outside. Outdoor facilities however have a constant struggle – dry warmer days can be infrequent so much business has to be conducted in the cold and the wet. If clients frequently come by, the yard/grounds have to be kept clean and tidy. To complete operations successfully, equipment has to be able to function in unpredictable conditions and often complete multiple tasks.

So, what can help?

We’ve spoken in length about how forklifts can have different attachments, making them incredibly useful. Not only can a large number of add-ons be used (such as buckets, scoops, gritters etc.) but the option of an enclosed cab can make a massive difference.

But what if you wanted a piece of equipment that could care for all your yard/grounds maintenance, separate from your forklift (which could then continue, uninhibited with your day to day operations).

Enter; outdoor cleaners.

Outstanding Outdoor Cleaning with Hako

Outdoor cleaners are commonly thought of (and seen) as just the little machines that cruise around town and city centres, sweeping up rubbish.

However, there’s plenty of potential to be found in the Hako range. From smaller, more compact models like the Citymaster 600 through to the much larger Citymaster 2200 there’s a machine available for every business. But let’s take a closer look at just what outdoor cleaners can offer.


Although we’re focusing on how outdoor cleaners are perfect for autumn, they’re extremely well suited to all seasons, despite their differences. Need to cut grass and hedges in spring and summer? No problem. Want to keep paths clear in autumn and winter? Whether its leaves, rubbish or snow and ice, the Citymaster can clear it.

The enclosed cabs feature air conditioning and heating to help keep your operators safe and warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather. Built to last and withstand difficult temperatures, the Citymaster range is a practical, effective and robust solution.

All models also feature all wheel drive to ensure that they can take on even the most challenging conditions. Excellent manoeuvrability and easy handling ensure that the machine and operator can safely navigate tough environments as well as travel along footpaths and on roads.

Quick-Change Attachments

The most promising feature of the Citymaster range is the ability to cater to a multitude of uses, thanks to a quick-change attachment system. With a coupling triangle at the front of the machine and a frame at the rear (which is removable) the machines are capable of using the following;

  • Sweeping unit
  • Scrub deck
  • Lawn mower/grass cutter
  • Snow brush
  • Snow blade
  • Snow plough
  • Gritter attachment and flatbed to hold the grit

They can also haul trailers, giving you a multipurpose solution that’s perfect for businesses that require their machines to handle a wide variety of applications. Swapping attachments also couldn’t be easier – doing so is a completely tool free exercise and only takes a couple of minutes. This also allows for easy maintenance of parts.

Anyway, back to autumn

One of the biggest concerns for many in the autumn is leaves. We may have mentioned them a few times.

Leaves can build up quickly, become mush equally as fast and become a legitimate health hazard if not removed. Whilst some may not consider leaves much of a problem in their outdoor facility, they can easily become a slip hazard for pedestrians and even a skid hazard for machines if they build up too much and/or become wet.

Clearing them can be an arduous, repetitive task which can strain the shoulders and back if done manually. By using the sweeper attachment on an outdoor cleaner, leaves can be cleared quickly and effectively without the need for your operator to even step outside.

Shorter days are no problem either as all outdoor cleaners feature excellent visibility and are fitted with powerful lights.

In Conclusion…

The Hako range of outdoor sweepers is a practical solution to a seasonal issue. Fully customisable and with a wide variety of attachments, they’re perfect for a wide range of applications. Well suited to difficult terrains, they can be used on grass, rough ground, pavements and much more. Want to find out more? Click here or call today on 01933 228127.

Forklift Sales UK

We’ve Expanded & A New Face

Briggs Equipment UK

New Acquisition For Briggs Equipment

Briggs Equipment has completed the acquisition of Northern Forklift (Scotland) Ltd, one of Scotland’s largest independent materials handling distributors. This further enhances the position of the asset management and engineering services specialist, as one of the key providers of materials handling equipment in Scotland.

Northern Forklift has achieved significant success supporting the thriving food and drink sector in Scotland.  The combination of Briggs Equipment and Northern Forklift will provide customers with access to a broader range of products and services. In line with the Briggs offering, Northern Forklift will also now be able to offer the Hyster and Yale product ranges.

Peter Jones, Group Managing Director of Briggs Equipment explained, “Northern Forklift (Scotland) Limited is a valuable addition to the Briggs group, bringing a wealth of knowledge and engineering skill. In addition, this will add depth to our already broad customer portfolio, drawing on Northern Forklift’s relationships with some of Scotland’s biggest brands. I am really pleased to be able to welcome the employees and customers of Northern Forklift in Scotland to the Briggs group.”

Andy Sirel, Managing Director of Northern Forklift (Scotland) Ltd said, “There is an obvious fit between the two companies in Scotland in terms of our collective customers and employees which going forward will benefit all stakeholders. Briggs Equipment are determined to be the leading materials handling provider in Scotland, so this is an exciting time to join the Briggs group. They already have the necessary foundations in place, so as we work together to deliver best practice on asset management and engineering services across Scotland and build on already well established customer relationships, I have no doubt that we can achieve that goal.”

The acquisition sees Northern Forklift (Scotland) Limited become a wholly owned subsidiary of Briggs, continuing to trade under its own name and with all current operational contacts remaining in place.


NEW! Platform Stacker Models

Hyster® is pleased to announce the introduction of the new platform stacker models S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S, and S2.0S (D442).
These new models are particularly suitable for:

  • Stock movement and transport over short/medium distances
  • Internal load transfer from end of line to shelves
  • Line feed
  • Transport of pallets stacked two high in a trailer (with initial lift and double pallet configuration)
  • For travel over uneven floors, door sills and/or ramps (with initial lift configuration)

This new platform stacker series replaces the current S1.5S(IL) (C442 series) and features:

  • a wider capacity range (from 1200 kg up to 2000 kg)
  • a lifting height up to 6 m
  • 1.8 kW and 2.5 kW AC traction motor
  • a 3 kW AC pump motor
  • a wide range of lead acid 24V batteries from 210 Ah to 375 Ah
  • Tiller arm
  • a maximum travel speed of 8.5 km/h with and without load



  • Competitive lifting and lowering speeds
  • Maximum speed up to 8.5 km/h with 2.5 kW traction motor


  • Robust base frame and battery cover
  • Sealed connectors
  • Single CAN bus with two redundant microcontrollers to increase reliability


  • Large foldable platform, with rubber floormat to provide excellent grip
  • Easy to read and reach dashboard in front of the operator
  • Good visibility through mast
  • Side arms designed for operator protection and comfort, easy and quick to open/close


  • Greased for life load rollers in mast design
  • Display provide error codes, battery status and hour meter
  • Plug-in service access
  • Bolt-on side arms cushion and bolt-on platform (easy to install/replace)


  • Electric system reliability


  • Two stage NFL/FFL and three stage FFL mast type
  • Key and keypad start system
  • Cold store application
  • Wire mesh grid and lexan mast guard
  • Load backrest
  • Double pallet (with initial lift configuration)
  • Several forks length
  • Single and tandem load wheels
  • Wide range of drive wheels
  • Pedestrian Awareness Light
  • Additional options like support bars, bottle holder, roll holder, A4 clipboard
  • On board and external chargers
  • Hyster Tracker

For further details on available options please refer to NOVO.


The new S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S platform stacker models are available to order through NOVO, using series code D442, from 1 August 2019. First production of this new series is planned for October 2019.

For prices of the D442 platform stacker series, please check NOVO.


The S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S (D442) specification sheet is in process and will become available in digital format via the Hyster Marketing Toolkit on or via the Hyster website product pages at as soon as they are ready. Printed copies thereafter will be available to order from the Hyster Webshop via


For details on the available batteries and chargers for the S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S (D442) see NOVO. For battery drawings for this new truck series see the Hyster Battery Drawing site, which has been updated.


The RDSL for the S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S (D442) will become available under the Parts Operations site on, when the first trucks are ready for shipment.

RDSLs indicate periodic maintenance parts and essential maintenance parts. Periodic maintenance parts are service parts requirements for periodic maintenance based on the Service Reference Manual for this specific truck series. Essential maintenance parts are parts we recommend you to keep in stock from day one.

A Few Benefits of Short-Term Hire

Hiring is always a solution.

Whether you’re hiring a car, hiring a boat or hiring a person, it’s always as an answer to a problem. Need to get from A to B? Hire a car. Need someone to design a house? Hire an architect. Want to move pallets of goods? Hire a forklift.

Whilst for some purchasing solves more problems than hiring, there’s a large amount of benefit to considering short-term hire (STH). Not only can you simply have the equipment you need, when you need it, you don’t have to worry about storing or financing them long term.

One day, One week, One Month, One Year…

‘Short-term’ is a broad spectrum; whether you need equipment for just twenty-four hours or up to two years, it can fall under short-term hire.

The fluidity of hire is one of its appeals. If you start out only needing your equipment (for example a scissor lift) for two weeks but end up requiring it for six months, you can often simply extend your contract. These ‘rolling contracts’ are a fantastic way of ensuring that you have your equipment for as long as you need.

When it comes to the cost aspect of rolling over a contract, there’s many options. Sometimes costs can be fixed, so a set payment is made every month without increase or decrease. This is often better for businesses who are unsure of how long they’ll need equipment.

However, for those who know the period they’ll need to hire, there’s another option. The longer the hire period (up to two years for short-term), the lower the cost. Talk to your local hire centre to find out what would work best for your business.


A Boost in Productivity

For many businesses there are quiet seasons. January, for example, is traditionally a retail lull – customers have less money due to Christmas. Times like these see temporary staff let go and material handling equipment not needed as much.

If you know what your busiest periods are, STH can allow you to bring in the equipment you need, as and when you need it. This enables you to have complete control over your productivity and to really make the most out your peak period. Then, when the lull occurs, you don’t have to worry about storing, servicing and paying for equipment that you’re not using.


Will the Latest Technologies Make a Difference?

For many small to medium sized businesses, bringing in the latest technological wizardry just isn’t an affordable option. This is especially the case if they’re looking to make an investment and don’t want to make the wrong choice.

By short-term hiring in up to date equipment, you can try out the newest advancements in material handling, access, warehouse and cleaning technology. By actually using the equipment in your working environment, you can judge whether the long-term costs and initial investment will be worth the operating experience. Then, if you decide it’s not for you, you can simply, when your hire period is over, return the equipment without having to worry.

If you do decide you like what you’ve experienced, then you can simply roll on your hire, consider long-term hire or look to purchase (or lease purchase).


Increase Your Business’ Scope

Worried that your business is unable to meet its full potential because you just don’t have the equipment on hand to take on different projects?

No problem – STH allows you the freedom to take on whatever jobs you want. You can bring in the equipment you need for the duration of the build/project and when it’s over, you don’t have to worry about having the storage space available to house all your different machines.

Because many STH contracts can be arranged with fixed prices, it also makes it easier for you to figure out what costs are associated with bringing in the equipment – allowing you to easily add it to your customers invoice or quote.



Want to hire access, cleaning equipment, material handling or warehouse equipment for the short-term? Why not give us a call today and we’ll be able to help you get started. Contact our hire team on 01933 243068 or get in touch through our contact us page.

Snow Hyster UK

Be Prepared: Christmas Is Coming…

Can we talk about the C word yet?

Whilst there seems to be some unwritten rule that the season of good cheer can’t be mentioned until Halloween has passed, for many in retail, manufacturing and other industries, Christmas preparation has already begun.

From assembling additional storage to bringing in extra staff and equipment, there are a great many different ways that you can help ease the strain on your business.

It may seem strange to discuss a time of year typically associated with coloured lights and snow, especially when we’re experiencing some of the hottest weather on record, but taking the time to put processes in place now could prevent you from falling behind when the Christmas rush really begins, and time is running out.


But Why Now?

Simply because planning ahead could save you a great deal of stress. Taking a good look at your warehouse, facility or yard and analysing which areas could be improved is a great way to start:

  • Do you struggle with having enough storage space?
  • Do you find your material handling equipment fulfils your needs?
  • Do your walkaways get cluttered?
  • Do you have maintenance work that needs carrying out?
  • Could production be improved?
  • Do your operatives struggle to carry out certain tasks quickly and safely?
  • Do you want to expand your operations/stock range before the Christmas rush?

Whilst these are some useful questions, they certainly don’t cover all the areas you could consider. It’s also important to be realistic when it comes to making changes. For example; unless you’re able to purchase additional storage space, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to increase storage capacity by 100%. Setting realistic goals is key to figuring out a simple plan for success in the run up to Christmas.

But let’s take a look at the different areas you could focus on in more detail…



One of the easiest things you can do to prepare for Christmas (but also in general for the seasons of autumn and winter) is take stock of what maintenance your facility requires. Whether its indoors or out, having a summer ‘spring clean’ and making sure that any repair work is done could save you time and money.

Here’s a short list of things to look out for:

  • Light bulbs that need replacing
  • Ceilings that need cleaning and/or painting
  • Floors that need resurfacing
  • Damaged racking/doors etc.
  • Windows/glass that needs replacing
  • Any additional repair work that needs completing
  • Any holes need filling in your yard
  • Mounted lights/apparatus that needs securing

By taking the time to ensure that your facility is up to scratch in the summer, you’ll be ensuring that it can better withstand the cold and the wet of winter. This in turn helps to protect your employees, stock and equipment. You can even short-term hire scissor lifts to clean high ceilings and change the bulbs of suspended lights, leaving no stone untouched in your quest for a perfectly functioning facility.

Warehouse Optimisation

Sometimes one of the best ways to find out how to improve your business, is to take a walk round your facility. Checking what routes are available for staff and equipment to use and if they are clear/quick/effective is a great place to start.

Walk the aisles, production lines and walkways, observe any obstructions; are boxes on the floor where there’s not enough storage? Do cleaning materials get left behind? Are there any visibility issues which could result in accident? Do your machines cause frequent damage to the facility? Are there shorter routes that could be created which are faster and safer?

Take note of each issue and don’t worry – there’s plenty of solutions.

Need more storage space? Consider changing up your racking configuration; adding more aisles or even raising them up a level could provide you with the space you need.

Machines too big? There’s a whole range of alternatives. Need material handling equipment, but don’t have really have enough room to manoeuvre with your counterbalance? Consider an articulated or reach truck.

Visibility problems? Mounting mirrors on the racking could help prevent your employees from wandering out into the path of a forklift, additional training could also help operators to drive safely. By ensuring walkways are clear and clearly marked, it gives both pedestrians and operators a safe space to move.

If you manufacture and/or pack and send off goods on site, do they have separate areas?

Compartmentalising your facility can be a fantastic way of optimising – manufacture can take place without ever interacting with pick and pack, who can make their way to the packing bay without getting in the way of production lines or goods in. This can also limit the amount of interaction between pedestrian and machine, as they can be kept mostly (if not completely) separate.


A Dream Team

Having the right employees makes any business work.

By having a clear chain of command and ensuring that each job role is outlined and understood, you can avoid a lot of confusion. If you don’t have one in place already, hiring a warehouse manager can be a fantastic way of helping your team grow and develop.

For many businesses which sell goods to wholesalers, August through to October can be a very, very busy time, with a great many deliveries coming and going from the premises. Hiring in extra staff during these peak times can be a fantastic way of dealing with the additional strain. However, many companies can be, understandably, unsure about bringing in employees who don’t have the training to work in their facility.

One remedy is to have them quickly trained by a member of staff and then put to work. But what about the rest of the team? Over the course of a year, bad habits can develop and unsafe behaviour.

Why not consider a group training session? This can help get your new staff up to speed and also enforce safe behaviours and provide extra experience for your regular employees.

Refresher training can range from equipment courses (such as counterbalance and access) to manual handling and first aid. Get your whole team up to speed and on the mark and you can’t go wrong.


Wet Weather


Peak season for any business is manic (no matter how organised you are). Day to day tasks can become cumbersome and occasionally be put aside all together in favour of getting all the new, excess work done. One of the areas that this can particularly affect is cleaning.

Whilst we’re in summer, we don’t particularly have to worry about rain (apart from occasional showers). However, autumn and winter are a different story and definitely worth preparing for.

With the cold, wet weather, there’s a high chance that cleaning could become an endless and thankless job – especially if your facility requires a doors open approach and you have equipment frequently coming in from and going out to a yard.

Having a member of your team on stand by with a mop, bucket and broom is one remedy, but another could be hiring in cleaning equipment for the autumn and winter months. Pedestrian and ride along scrubber driers and sweepers can make quick work of a typically arduous task, improving cleanliness and safety along the way.

Outdoor Work

If you use outdoor equipment then the winter months can be very unforgiving. High winds and wet weather can inhibit the use of scissor lifts and open forklifts can leave operators exposed to the elements. To help keep your employees safe, consider hiring in forklifts that have enclosed cabs. These not only keep your operators dry and protected, but can also include heating, to keep fingers and toes toasty whilst at work in the rain.

It’s also important to make sure that your operatives have the correct protection from their clothing;

  • Waterproof safety boots
  • Waterproof, windproof, high visibility outerwear
  • Thermal layers
  • Gloves, hats etc.

It could also be worth your time looking at the assortment of attachments that are available for forklifts. During peak season, scoops and buckets can be used to keep your yard clean and tidy, whilst in the colder month, ploughs and gritters can be used to keep your safe accessible and safe.



These are just a handful of ways that you can prepare your facility for peak season and the Christmas rush. Whilst it can seem strange considering autumn and winter whilst the sun is bearing down, planning ahead could save you plenty of time, money and stress throughout peak season and when season of festive cheer finally comes around.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring any of the equipment mentioned, booking training for your team or need help optimising your warehouse or facility, why not give us a call? You can reach us on 01933 228127, by emailing or by visiting our contact us page.

Hitec Lift Trucks

Adding To The Family

As demand grows, so does our team to help accommodate! In the past few months we’ve welcome two new additions to the Hitec family, Elena Zekonyte (accounts) and Amanda Behan (hire). Want to join Hitec? Why not check out our current career opportunities?


Elena started with us in May and has grown to be a vital member of the team. Joining the accounts team as an accounts assistant Elena helps to manage the financial side of Hitec.

Endlessly enthusiastic and very friendly, Elena is new to the material handling industry but so far has thoroughly enjoyed being a member of Team Hitec and is dedicated to providing the very best service to our customers.

Outside of work, Elena enjoys creating homemade jewellery and seasonal decorations, all whilst trying to manage her crazy Jack Russell.


With the need to expand our hire team, Amanda joined us in June. Previously working as a service coordinator in the compressed air industry, Amanda is fairly new to the hire sector (and material handling!) but she’s taken to the role like a duck to water.

Learning new skills every day and working alongside Hitec’s team of engineers means that every day is different, but Amanda is enjoying the challenge.

Beyond Hitec, Amanda is a keen runner and likes to socialise with friends and spend time with her family.

Welcome to the Hitec Family!

Forklift Sales UK

Spending Time With Wellingborough Mind

As some of you may know, back in June our very own Adam Lantsbery and Hannah Newman-Plummer took part in the Waendel Walk to help raise money for local mental health charity, Wellingborough Mind. The walk itself was a great success and involved thousands of people, some fundraising for various causes and some just participating for the fun of it.

Today, Hannah and Adam had the priviledge to sit down with the Chief Executive of Wellingborough Mind, Nigel Mansfield, to talk about how the money raised by Hitec (£452.50) will be used to help support the local community. A charity very close to the hearts of both walk participants, Mind also runs ‘Crisis Cafe‘ a drop in service on Friday and Saturday nights for anyone who wants or needs any support.


Adam was particularly touched when he heard more about the work that Mind did; ‘It was great talking to Nigel, I wasn’t fully aware of all of Mind’s wider activities in our local community, Hitec will certainly work to become more involved in the future.’

With plans to take part in the walk again next year (and get more of our team involved!) meeting Nigel was a fantastic opportunity and Mind is a genuinely wonderful cause to get behind. Hitec are very proud to support Wellingborough Mind.

If you’d like to find out more about Wellingborough Mind, please click here.

Wellingborough Mind Charity

Cleaning Technologies; A Simple Solution to Transform Your Business

When you think of the necessities for improved warehouse operations, generally people may think of the following;

  • More staff
  • Better training
  • Material handling equipment
  • Fantastic productivity

Something people may not often consider is the cleanliness and tidiness of floor space. Whilst successful businesses obviously keep their facilities in order, a mop and broom take time and can also cause the employee who carries out these tasks a lot of strain. Not only this, but sometimes elbow grease just can’t cut it.

Cleaning technologies are a simple and effective solution. Let’s take a closer look at how they can help your business.


  1. Low Cost Solution for a Time-Consuming Problem

For many businesses, especially small to medium facilities, cost is everything. When it comes to keeping a clean area, sometimes a cleaner is employed, but often it’s the shared responsibility of the team.

Whether it’s paid hours or just an additional task, it’s an undoubted fact that cleaning takes time. This is especially the case when all that’s available is a mop, bucket and broom. If a facility is open to the elements, especially in autumn and winter, cleaning can become a full-time job, just to keep the area dry and safe.

Small pedestrian sweepers and scrubber driers (such as Hako’s Sweepmaster M600 and Scrubmaster B12) can make a massive difference. With excellent first-time results that mean secondary scrubbing or sweeping is rarely required, they can provide the deep cleaning solution needed. Not only this, but they’re low cost, low maintenance and with minimal downtime required for servicing, you won’t have to worry about breaking the budget.

If your facility is a little larger, then larger models (such as the Sweepmaster 650 and the Scrubmaster B45) are available to help cover more ground with even more cleaning power, all the while still remaining affordable.


  1. Low Impact Operation

Manual sweeping and mopping can be an arduous task – but it can also be a harmful one. Repeated motion can not only cause strains but repeatedly bending to sweep up rubbish/dust can cause back, shoulder and knee damage.

Pedestrian sweepers and/or scrubber driers offer a low impact solution. Employees and cleaners can use the equipment with minimum training and without the need to frequently stoop.

If your facility is bigger, then there are also ride on versions of sweepers and scrubbers which can eliminate the need to walk with the equipment. Perfect for large scale warehouses and buildings, the larger models require more due diligence as they’re powerful pieces of machinery, but are a perfectly safe alternative to traditional cleaning methods.

Speaking of safety…


  1. Improve Facility Safety

Did you know that the most common form of workplace injuries are slips, trips and falls?

At 31% of all non-fatal work injuries, the worrying part is that these accidents can mostly be avoided with good housekeeping (for more safety, see Hitec’s Top 10 Health and Safety Practices). If there’s been a spill, a leak or if water and other elements have managed to get into a facility from outdoors, there’s a chance that an employee could get hurt.

Sweepers and scrubber driers are ready for use at a moment’s notice. Has a crate of alcohol spilled? A sweeper can move all the glass safely away whilst a scrubber can come and take up the liquid, cleaning the floor thoroughly so that there’s no sticky residue or patches of wetness that could cause incident. Not only that, but they can do so far quicker than a mop ever could.

If you’re battling the weather and rain is constantly coming in, then it’s vital to keep the floors as dry as possible for pedestrians and moving equipment – a small scrubber drier can help do so. Quick to utilise and easy to use, it could help keep the floor safe and dry.

Need to move sharp or broken goods? A sweeper is an effective and safe way of clearing the problem without risking pick up and employees harming themselves.


  1. Compact and Green Solution

A common misconception that many businesses might have is that they would not have room for cleaning technologies, particularly if they have a lot of equipment already or are tight on space. However, you might be surprised as to how little space your cleaning equipment can take up.

Built to be compact, even ride on models can be kept in small areas and corners. As for charging? A majority of sweepers and scrubbers can simply be plugged into the mains; no fancy, large charging ports which can take up too much room.

With models available for all facility sizes, there’s bound to be cleaning equipment the correct size for your needs and business.

You don’t need to worry about environmental impact with sweepers and scrubbers either; all models (except outdoor sweepers) come in an electric powered option; giving your business the peace of mind that you’re keeping your facility, and the air, clean.


  1. Multi-functional

If you’re in need of cleaning technologies that can keep not only your outdoor facility clear and tidy, but also your yard and even grounds, look no further. Outdoor cleaners are fantastic, powerful pieces of kit that can do far more than sweep the floor.

With the ability to be hooked up to grounds maintenance and winter attachments, you can keep the area around your facility and yard in excellent order. Attachments include (but are not limited to);

  • Lawnmowers
  • Scoops
  • Ploughs
  • Snow Brushes
  • Gritters

Perfect for businesses that have primarily outdoor facilities, car parks, roads and grounds to care for, outdoor cleaners are a fantastic investment that can complete a multitude of tasks. With enclosed cabs to keep operators safe and warm, even in the cold months, outdoor cleaners could be the multi-functional cleaning equipment you need.



With cleaning technologies available in all sizes and suited to all types of facility (from warehouses to shopping centres, yards to showrooms), there’s a piece of equipment for every business. Even if you’re on a budget, you can still achieve the safe and clean floors that’ll boost your production and increase the safety of all of your employees.

If you’d like to find out more about the equipment mentioned or would like to consider purchasing or hiring cleaning equipment, then why not get in touch? Our expert team will be able to help you decide what would be best suited to your business and help find a solution that fits your budget. Call today on 01933 228127, email or visit our contact page.