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When it comes to operating a forklift, your main priority is safety. The level of maintenance a forklift has will determine its performance and lifespan. Forklifts are reliable machines and operate in tough conditions, but regular forklift servicing is essential.

Maintaining your forklifts will ensure that they are working properly, performing safely and it also enables you to identify problems before they can impact on the productivity of your business.


guide to forklift maintenance


How frequently should a forklift be inspected?

When considering the frequency of maintenance, it’s important to consider the age, condition and value of the forklift, as well as its service record, how susceptible it is to damage and the safety requirements of the machine. These factors will help you to determine the best course of action for your forklift, and it’s important for you to take the time to consider them.

Creating a maintenance schedule is a good way of ensuring that specific tasks are performed at certain points of a day, week or month. By adhering to this schedule, it means that a forklift will continue to be in good working order, and minimise disruption to performance.

Daily checks should be in operation, so that before forklifts are used each day, operators carry out simple maintenance checks. This could be a visual inspection, as well as a test to make sure the safety lights are functioning properly. The forks, chains and mast operation should be checked next, and the final check should be the fuel and engine oil levels.


What factors are involved in determining how often you should undertake a forklift service?

Manufacturers will provide recommended service intervals. A forklift functions in a similar way to other vehicles, but with an added element in the form of a hydraulic system. Similar to cars and vans, manufacturers will recommend guidelines specific to the forklift so that essential components of the machine can be serviced and maintained.

When it comes to thinking about servicing, it’s important to identify the number of hours that a forklift operates. This will be different, depending on the industry. This comes down to how much a forklift is being used, and by factoring this in, you should be confident that you can find a forklift service to match your requirements.

The condition, age and value of a forklift are important factors when deciding on the best course of action and schedule for maintenance. Over time, forklifts will be exposed to wear and tear, so this is something worth considering when thinking about your schedule. Forklifts are often important assets for a business, and like any asset it’s important to treat them properly so that they continue to work properly and safely.

Depending on how and where your forklifts are used will have an impact on how often you need to undertake a forklift service. Different environments and applications will have an impact, so it’s essential that you consider this when thinking about how you should maintain your forklifts.



What are the top tips for maintaining forklifts?

Keep forklifts clean – This is an important tip, because a clean forklift makes it easier to spot any defective areas on the machine. Using water to do this will help to see any defective parts of your forklift.

Qualified personnel – It’s important that when you get a forklift inspected, you use somebody who is trained and qualified to inspect, maintain and repair them. This will help to ensure that you receive the very best service.

Maintain procedures – When a forklift gets damaged, or becomes unsafe, it’s important to have a procedure in place to deal with this so that problems are identified and passed to the appropriate team.

Work to a schedule – It’s important that you create a schedule, and stick to it when it comes to maintaining your forklifts. This enables you to deal with issues that arise, in the most appropriate way, minimising disruption to your working practices.

At Hitec, we offer a professional and dedicated service to suit your individual needs. We have professionally trained mechanics that will undertake maintenance for all types of forklifts. Get in touch with us today and discuss your needs with us. We offer the best possible service for the maintenance of your forklifts.

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