How to hire forklifts in Bedford

Owning the newest, shiniest model of forklift can be tempting for any company that has the funds to do so. But when looking at the specific needs of your business it may be that it’s better for you to hire forklifts instead, in order to save on operational costs and keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

Hiring a forklift in Bedford can be the best option for certain times in the year but also for specific jobs, as well as to supplement a stretched fleet of forklifts in a particularly busy period. For example, peak times in business can be eased by taking on several more machines temporarily on a flexible short-term lease. Hiring your forklift means far lower upfront costs and gives you the ability to budget for consistent monthly outgoings. The flexibility that it allows you is probably the biggest benefit to renting a forklift over buying and can be the perfect stop-gap for businesses growing rapidly or facing unpredictable climates.


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There are usually a range of options for getting forklifts without buying them outright, with it being possible to lease purchase – that is, to make increment payments for the ideal finance package – and to simply take on a forklift through a contract rental, suited to your timescale and needs.

These are just some of the key things to know when considering a forklift rental:

1. Weight capacity

How much weight do you need your forklift to be able to lift and carry? It’s important that you check it’s up to specification for all of the tasks that you need it for.

2. Height that it can lift to

It’s important that the forklift you hire is able to reach certain heights, depending on the conditions of your warehouse. Make sure to double check that it can also move your required weight loads to those heights.

3. Work environment

Indoors or outdoors? Warehouse or yard? The environment helps you to make choices about tyres and the forklift itself, as well as accounting for turning radius and aisle width.

4. Cost of the hire

Make sure that you choose a forklift fit for your requirements but which won’t do too much damage to your bottom line. Be prepared to pay well for your hire, but remain mindful that you can’t let the costs creep up too high.

5. Length of the job you need it for

Do you need to hire the forklift for a day, a month – or even longer? The cost of hiring a forklift in Bedford per day is lowered when taken out for longer periods so it’s definitely worth getting a quote for varying times. Make sure to ask about overtime charges as well if you plan to use the equipment for any longer than 40 or so hours a week.

6. Carry out a thorough inspection of the forklift

Ensure that you take a careful examination of the forklift before you decide to hire and note down any damage. It’s common practice to charge extra for forklifts that are returned with any kind of damage on them.

7. Read the hiring contract

Check over all of the terms and conditions and give it a thorough read – you must know what you’re agreeing to.

8. Check the insurance provision

The dealer usually fully insures the forklift, but you and your company are still responsible for providing cover to the operator in case of injury or damage to property.

9. Look for a dealership with a professional, well-maintained fleet

Try to find a forklift provider in Bedford who has a clean and well-kept fleet that instils confidence; one who’s able to assure you that, should there be an issue, they are able to provide the expertise to correct it. When you have a piece of equipment for a specific job within a certain timescale, it’s important to feel confident that it will be able to carry out the entire task.

Hitec offers forklift hire services in Bedford with a fleet of over 400 machines to suit varying applications and accommodating customers who don’t wish to commit to a long-term investment. Hires can run for up to seven years which makes budgeting easy, with no hidden costs and consistent, unchanging rates that give complete peace of mind with an excellent piece of equipment.

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