Combilift CS Stacker fits the bill for Satra Technology

At Hitec, we specialise in providing solutions that fit the unique specifications of local businesses throughout the East of England. Our recent delivery of a Combilift CS Stacker to Satra Technology in Kettering is no exception and is a perfect example of supplying the best materials handling equipment for the job whilst treating safety with paramount importance.

Satra Technology were looking to replace an old ICEM stacker, and it was vital that the replacement fit their specific business needs whilst still prioritising safety. The new equipment would need to function in all areas of the business and be able to navigate through a standard doorway to allow easy access throughout the premises.

The Combilift CS Stacker proved to be the perfect solution, offering narrow aisle performance and the functionality to be used both outdoors and inside the building. The ability to be used in tight areas and move easily through standard and low door heights was crucial for the customer in this instance. Inside and outdoors usage was also advantageous, allowing for deliveries to be unloaded and stored in the building using a single truck.

This truck also offers provides superior safety by allowing maximum operator visibility. The movement of the patented Multi-Position Tiller Arm enables full visibility of the load and the forks, giving the operator greater awareness of their surroundings for enhanced overall safety.

Paul Stiff, Regional Business Development Manager at Hitec, commented “It’s essential with any new customer that we take the time to understand exactly what they need so that we are able to ensure the best possible solution. It was a pleasure to work with Satra Technology to gain a deeper understanding of their business requirements, and I’m looking forward to the benefits and efficiency the addition of the Combilift CS Stacker brings to their operations”

If you need help finding the best materials handling equipment solution for your business, #AskHitec today! You can contact us here, or call our team of local experts on 01933 228127.


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