CESAB Forklift Trucks: a guide to the 2018 range

Founded in 1942, CESAB has been at the cutting-edge of forklift technology for over six decades. By offering a huge range of high-quality products, CESAB is a company that can be relied on to provide the right tools for the job, regardless of your business type. When you choose a CESAB unit, you can expect high-quality workmanship, increased flexibility, a reduction in the environmental impact of your operation, and enhanced productivity.

With the launch of the 2018 range, CESAB have done the impossible – improving on what are regarded by many as the best-quality forklifts and lifting accessories in the industry. In this article, we’ll look at some of the latest models, and the features they bring to the table.

Hand pallet trucks

For quick and easy low-intensity lifting, look no further than a CESAB hand pallet truck to enhance transportation capabilities in your warehouse, supermarket or store. CESAB CE low-lifting models can handle load capacities between 2 and 3 tons and can be configured to meet your requirements – from quick-lift versions to low-fork models and units with handbrakes, you’ll be certain to find what you need. For businesses which require high-lifting, CE-H models are available complete with an electric lift motor. These units are perfect for use as height-adjustable working tables, too.


cesab hand pallet trucks at hitec


Reach trucks

CESAB’s range of reach trucks are designed to provide maximum productivity, exceptional handling, reliability and safety. These units are compact, practical and easy to operate, which means you can expect your team to be more productive. There are three types of CESAB reach truck: the R100, for easy movement and materials handling; the R200, for maximum handling in confined spaces, and the R300; a high-intensity model designed to cope with heavy demand.


cesab reach trucks at hitec


Powered stacker trucks

For low-intensity applications, the CESAB range of powered stacker trucks offers reliability and safety across a variety of industries, including warehouses, retail premises and industrial sites. The S100 and S200 models are ideal for supermarkets, and are easy to operate, even in confined spaces. Those who require something extra might want to opt for an S300, which combines heavy-duty performance with accessibility.


powered stacker trucks hitec


Three-wheel electric trucks

When your business requires a compact design to quickly and efficiently manoeuvre around enclosed spaces, a CESAB three-wheel forklift truck is just the ticket. The B200 combines a minimal footprint with rear-wheel drive for impeccable handling, while the B300 goes even further and combines powerful motors with a sleek aesthetic, optimal stability and enhanced performance.


three wheel electric trucks CESAB at hitec


Four-wheel electric trucks

CESAB offers five series of electric counterbalanced forklift trucks capable of lifting loads from 1500kg up to 8500kg. For compact and powerful performance, look no further than the CESAB B400 forklift. This model offers incredible performance and manoeuvrability and packs a powerful 48V motor. Businesses with more heavy-duty applications might want to step things up a little with a B600 unit to enhance productivity and facilitate larger loads. For the ultimate in lifting, the cenTAURO 80 model comes highly recommended, combining first-class manoeuvring with powerful AC motor control technology.


4 wheel electric truck CESAB hitec forklift trucks



Engine trucks

When you need a durable, reliable forklift that can deal with the rigours of heavy-duty work, you need a CESAB engine truck. These internal combustion forklifts are available with Torque converters or Hydrostatic drive trains and are capable of coping with load capacities from 1500kg to 2500kg, with lift height capabilities of up to 6.1 metres. Thousands of hours of research, development and testing have gone into the creation of the new M300 and Drago ranges. These high-performance, counterbalanced trucks are available as diesel or LPG-powered variants, and have been optimised to be quiet, ergonomic and easy to manoeuvre.


CESAB engine trucks at hitec forklift trucks

Purchase or hire a CESAB forklift today

All these models and more are available at Hitec – if you see something you think fits your requirements, why not get in touch to discuss the needs of your business with a member of our team? After a brief chat, we’ll be able to offer you a fantastic deal on the CESAB forklift your company deserves.

With incredible options to hire, lease-purchase or outright buy, our flexibility when it comes to financing your forklift is almost as impressive as the flexibility of the latest CESAB range of lifting equipment – simply contact us to find out how our forklifts can benefit your business.

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