Hyster Brings Zero-emissions, Productivity & Innovation to TOC 2019

At TOC Europe from 18-20 June 2019 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Hyster Europe will showcase products and innovative handling solutions for ports and terminals. Visitors can also get an update regarding the progress of the zero-emission Container Handler projects underway at the Port of Los Angeles in the US and Port of Valencia in Spain. 

At the event, specialists from Hyster Europe will talk about the Stage V compliant Big Truck range, powered by Mercedes-Benz/ MTU engines. Hyster® Lift Trucks over 8 tonnes, Container Handlers and ReachStackers offer lower fuel and DEF consumption and benefit from high productivity levels.

The company will also speak about the spreader support device option for its Empty Container Handlers that make the inspection process of an empty shipping container faster. A Lift Truck with special attachment, which can easily move a 40ft container into a repair workshop with narrow doors, and then rotate it, will also be discussed.

Solutions that help terminals handle containers on railroad cars in the second rail position will also be shown. This includes a hinged elevating operator cabin option for the Hyster® RS46 ReachStacker which helps operators to have direct visibility of the top corner pockets on the second rail containers, even when there is a high cube container on a railcar in the first rail position.

On Thursday 20th June, during TOC Europe’s annual TECH TOC seminar sessions, Jan-Willem van den Brand and Willem Nieuwland from Hyster Europe will also share the latest information about two Laden Container Handlers and one ReachStacker currently in development.  The zero-emission machines incorporate electricity at high voltage as the main energy source to power fully electric motors.

Hyster Europe Showcases Warehouse and Logistics Solutions at LogiMAT 2019

At LogiMAT 2019 Hyster Europe presented 360-degree solutions for warehouse and logistics applications, including its intelligent robotics solutions with the Hyster® LO7.0T tow tractor.

As if moved by magic, the tow tractor advanced on the Hyster stand in Hall 10. “Our robotic trucks use geonavigation technology developed by Balyo, which does not require complex infrastructure changes to automate logistical processes,” said Timo Antony, Area Business Director Central Europe, Hyster. “Instead, the trucks work utilising the structural features within the building.”

The company also presented the Hyster® J1.6XNT truck with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery, which requires minimal maintenance. Hyster now offers almost all counterbalance lift trucks and warehouse equipment ex works, with lithium-ion batteries.

“Lithium-ion battery-powered trucks are increasingly being used as the power option for demanding applications,” said Timo.

In addition, the R1.0E-1.4E Reach Truck with tilting mast was discussed, which is particularly suited for use in confined spaces. The compact chassis and mast, which can be tilted backwards, save valuable centimetres so that the lift truck can reach the top shelves even in narrow aisles.

Hyster® Develops Warehouse Space-Saving Solutions

Warehouse space is becoming increasingly inadequate in the face of rising demand. One reason for this, is the continued growth of online shopping. Statista forecasts that revenues in B2B transactions alone will rise from over €40 billion in 2018 to around €46 billion this year. Space-saving solutions from Hyster can help to utilise every square meter of available space within the warehouse.

As early as the 1970s, the construction of high-bay warehouses led to the construction of special narrow-aisle lift trucks that enable companies to optimise their storage capacity. Today, many companies are forced by the ever-growing on-line market to increase their storage space with an unchanged floor plan.

Hyster Develops Warehouse Space-Saving Solutions

Optimise available space

“In warehouses, a typical counterbalance truck may need a little more than 50 percent of the floor space to manoeuvre”, says Jürgen Emmenegger, Warehouse System Specialist at Hyster Europe. “That’s why the use of narrow-aisle trucks or higher rack warehouses can be the most cost-effective solution.”

The Hyster® VNA and high lift order pickers used in supermarkets and retail stores are particularly well-suited for transporting and storing loads in narrow aisles.


Warehouse equipment solutions for efficient operation

Depending on the model, the powerful narrow aisle Hyster® C1.0-1.5 truck series can lift loads to a maximum of 1,500 kg and has a lifting height of up to almost 17 meters.

The trucks are also suitable for transporting products with unusual shapes and sizes; “For example, we offer a model that is specially configured to handle long and bulky loads,” says Emmenegger. “We’ve equipped the narrow aisle truck with a longer fork, which can even carry awkward loads two meters in length.”

The best example of how Hyster develops space-saving logistics solutions is the use of narrow aisle trucks in the semi-automated high-bay warehouse of a textile logistics company.

At the heart of the operation are four reliable Hyster® C1.3 narrow-aisle trucks, which are guided to remain in their lane by using a sophisticated induction system. This makes it possible to reduce the sideways distance to the shelves to a minimum, saving space.

The smart design of the forks on the models in this series makes it one of the industry’s most compact and robust, helping to stabilise the load. If the swivel fork is pushed out sideways, an integrated pantograph opens automatically, so that the truck can be manoeuvred even in the narrowest of aisles with maximum lateral play.


Store pallets at eye level

When storing and retrieving the pallets, the driver has an optimal view, being at the same height as the goods. This could reduce damage and increase efficiency over solutions where the driver is working below the load.

The Hyster® CANbus communication system and temperature control systems minimise the need for maintenance, using powerful and reliable encapsulated three-phase motors. Efficient energy management also ensures a long service life and low operating costs. The Hyster® narrow aisle trucks, as well as Hyster® reach trucks, are produced at the Italian factory in Masate near Milan.


Reach truck for confined spaces

The Hyster® Reach Truck with tilting mast was originally designed for retail applications and is now used by many businesses in e-commerce storage.

With a lifting height of up to 7.5 meters, small chassis and a lifting capacity up to 1,400 kg, the truck is ideal for operation in confined spaces. The models R1.0E, R1.2E and R1.4E are equipped with a tilting mast, so that the operator does not have to reach out as far when stacking and picking pallets from racking.

The Hyster® Reach Trucks with the tilting mast are equipped with the same high-quality operator compartment as other Hyster Reach trucks, which provide excellent visibility through the mast and the overhead guard. However, they also have numerous ergonomic improvements that increase driver comfort.

Various driver support options are available, such as the Hyster® Tracker Fleet Management System, and a power supply that can be individually adjusted to the requirement of the time and load of the task with the option of various battery sizes.


Cost effective solutions for storage in confined spaces

“We have developed the compact S1.0E-1.2E series of pedestrian stackers, especially for companies that need a truck with good manoeuvrability in confined spaces,” says Emmenegger. “With a lifting capacity of up to 1.2 tonnes, these stackers are suitable for everyday warehouse operations in less intensive applications with a very good price-performance ratio.”


IT-supported planning for optimal goods logistics

The prerequisite for making the best possible use of available space in a warehouse is efficient planning. To facilitate this, Hyster has designed a simulation software tool, that can take space constraints into account and identifies solutions that still deliver the required throughput at peak times – all at a low total cost of ownership.

Materials Handling World Feature

Vertikal Days 2019

Vertikal Days 2019

For the past two (and a half) days, Hitec Lift Trucks have been exhibiting at Donington Park’s annual access equipment event, Vertikal Days!

Vertikal Days 2019

Situated at stand 207, we were out in the beautiful sunshine for the full two days of the event and were lucky enough to meet some fantastic industry professionals and were able to show off just what a broad range of equipment we have available; some people were genuinely surprised that we were able to provide for all areas of material handling equipment! Also, most of us got sunburn.

Vertikal Days 2019

In the evening of the first night, we took part in a networking evening that saw delicious food and fantastic entertainment from the band Rollercoaster, although we didn’t get down and boogie on the dance floor, we probably deafened a few people with our singing along!

Vertikal Days 2019

Day two was a little more overcast but still a fantastic opportunity to meet and talk with the event visitors.

Thank you Vertikal Days for having us, we look forward to next year!




A Belated Christmas and a Farewell Party

Saturday saw both joy and a few tears as we belatedly celebrated Christmas and also bid a fond farewell to Andy Selbie who, alongside Prospero Girardi, began Hitec Lift Trucks over thirty years ago.

Xmas + Andy's Retirement

Nearly everyone from the Hitec family was able to make the meal, including partners, husbands and wives. Held at Oriental Paradise in Billing, the team were treated to three courses of delicious food and many a laugh. After everyone had their fill, Pros took center stage to thank Andy for his service. Much Mr Selbie’s  embarrassment.

Xmas + Andy's Retirement Meal

Andy has taken part in nearly every area of Hitec since it’s inception, from working the tools to driving the lorry, from hire to ownership of the office dog. Now, he has plenty of time to rest and relax alongside Pip! As a thank you for all of his help, support and partnership over the years, Andy was presented with a certificate for steam train experience and given more than a few thankful hugs from Pros. Andy will be retiring from Hitec at the end of May and he’ll be dearly missed!

Xmas + Andy's Retirement

Alongside Andy’s retirement, the Hitec team finally had the opportunity to celebrate Christmas. A bit late perhaps, but we still managed to have a fantastic time with more than a few members becoming a little jolly.

Hopefully next time we’ll celebrate Christmas a little closer to December…

Wellingborough Mind Charity

Waendel Walk for Wellingborough Mind Completion!

The Waendel Walk was a success!

Waendel Walk for Wellingborough Mind 2019

After setting off at 10am alongside the rest of team Mind, Hannah and Adam completed the 9 (and a bit!) mile walk in 3 and a half hours and walked over 23,000 steps.

Waendel Walk for Wellingborough Mind 2019

Together, they’ve raised raised over £400 for local mental health charity Wellingborough Mind.

Waendel Walk for Wellingborough Mind 2019

Thank you everyone for your support, let’s do it again next year!


New Hyster® Top Lift Container Handlers

Hyster Laden Container Handler


Hyster Europe has launched a new top lift Laden Container Handler that is expected to increase productivity in busy ports and terminals, in line with increasing demands.

“One of the key challenges for ports and terminals continues to be achieving efficiency in the face of growing demand,” explains Chris van de Werdt, Product Strategy Manager EMEA Big Trucks of Hyster Europe. “This can be achieved through increased productivity and lowering operating costs, which the new Hyster® Laden Container Handler is designed to deliver.”


Lifting productivity and increasing uptime

The new Hyster® Laden Container Handler stacks up to 6-high and makes first row handling faster in container block stacking applications and when shuttling containers.

With a small footprint and turning radius, the new Hyster® H40-52XM-16CH series of top lift Laden Container Hander trucks can be manoeuvred quickly and easily to keep the operation moving. The truck’s straightforward operation, alongside excellent operating speeds and a user-friendly in-cabin digital operator display, also contributes to faster handling times.

To extend refuelling intervals and reduce downtime, the high capacity fuel tank featured on the latest Hyster® Container Handlers also contributes to enhanced productivity. Likewise, long service intervals are offered at 10,000 hours for hydraulic oil (with oil sampling).


Visibility and operator comfort for high productivity

There is a comfortable work environment for the operator with low noise and vibration levels.  Visibility also plays an important role in ports and terminals. The new Hyster® top lift Container Handlers feature a wide, heavy-duty mast which provides stability and forward visibility. The operator cabin is also in an optimal position on the rear side of the truck, providing a prime vantage point of the area of operation. Intermittent wipers, featured as standard on the front, top and rear windows, also support visibility when operating in inclement weather. An optional rear-facing camera is also available to support particular customer needs.


Reliable equipment to keep port and terminal operations moving

“Hyster has designed this new truck for maximum reliability, so that ports can rely on it,” says Chris. “The intelligent design has been proven globally over millions of hours and hundreds of trucks and has been enhanced further to meet customer demand and optimise uptime.”


Options to further support specific application requirements

The Hyster® H40-52XM-16CH series is available with either a gantry style carriage or a dedicated carriage, both are equipped with full CANbus control and automatic locking twist locks.

The heavy-duty gantry carriage features the spreader mounted underneath the carriage, connected with four hangers, and is available with both mechanical pile slope and powered pile slope.

The powered pile slope allows better adoption of the spreader to containers on trailers, or on uneven ground surfaces. The gantry carriage also allows a large side shift of 400mm.

The dedicated carriage option is a unique design from Hyster, proven to benefit total cost of ownership. The spreader is mounted on the upper side and due to the lower weight compared to the gantry carriage, front axle loading is lowered by typically 7%. This helps to reduce tyre wear and damage to the operating ground surface, contributing to a lower cost of ownership.

Where required, a 6-high 9’6” stacking conversion is available, including a high mast and wide drive axle.  The wide axle option also available for the 5-high mast. Optional overlowering protection of the spreader, protects the lift-cylinder rod from possible damage by the slack of the lift chain, to further support a low cost of ownership.

“This new series of top lift Container Handlers benefits from the vast experience of Hyster in designing and building 360-degree solutions for laden container handling in ports and terminals,” adds Chris. “This latest series incorporates intelligent design and options to meet specific application needs to help improve productivity while further reducing the total cost of ownership and the cost per container moved.”


Hyster® Introduces “Damage Avoidance” Solutions for Handling Paper Reels

Hyster® Introduces “Damage Avoidance” Solutions for Handling Paper Reels
Hyster Europe is helping businesses in the paper supply chain to reduce paper reel damage with a combination of damage avoidance solutions. The company also expects to improve the efficiency and productivity of drivers handling the giant paper reels and reduce the overall handling costs.

“In the paper industry damage limitation is among the most important factors when handling paper reels, whether in storage or production areas, or on the ships or quayside,” says David Reeve, Industry Manager, Counterbalance Solutions for Hyster Europe.


Reels range from 500mm to 4.6m in height, with widths usually up to 2500mm (sometimes more), and a weight between 500kg and 8 tonnes. These huge differences are due to the paper type which can be tissue, board, Kraft liner, newsprint, high quality magazine product and more.


Tissue or newsprint is relatively soft paper, prone to damage and does not require very much clamping force to lift, but equally does not tolerate excessive pressure. Magazine paper on the other hand is bigger (up to 7000kg and 4.6m high) and requires greater clamping forces, but tolerates clamping quite well.


“Different grades of paper require different clamping pressures and we work closely with expert attachment suppliers, such as Bolzoni Auramo who have a wide selection of clamps and help set the correct pressures for damage free handling” says David.


Whether a single or double tower clamp, or a rotating clamp suits the application, insufficient or excessive pressure can result in damage to the reel, which can cause problems in the printing process.  This can become expensive, as the reels of paper may then need to be re-pulped.

“Hyster has introduced a gate on the hydraulic clamping function to prevent the clamping lever from activating inadvertently. The ‘Return to Set Tilt’ function also helps to ensure reels are put down flat, reducing edge damage,” David says.


“For customers in the paper industry, there is also a camera solution that enables the driver to see the bottom of the reel from inside the cab.  This helps the driver place the reel down more accurately to avoid damage.”


Hyster has an increasing range of options for truck-to-truck, truck-to-object and truck-to-pedestrian detection systems.  Combined with cameras, telematics and other technologies, “connected” Hyster® fleets are delivering greater productivity and visibility, helping to avoid damaging paper reels.


“Of course, in intense operating conditions reels are prone to damage due to the human factor,” says David. “Implementing the Hyster Tracker fleet management system can increase driver accountability in these operations and help to reduce stock and equipment damage. Driver training is still an essential factor, but Hyster Tracker can help to implement better driving practices and ultimately reduce impact damage and consequential downtime.”


Factors such as weight, diameter and roll width variances, paper quality, type of wrapping, storage and stowage pattern, number of rolls per cycle, and rotation for maximum efficiency still need to be considered. Hyster aims to bring fresh ideas to operations, and has introduced machines to some ports, for example, that can handle up to 8 reels at a time, significantly increasing productivity.


However, it’s not just about the clamp choice, the truck is just as important. Reliability and cost of ownership are of major importance considering the need to keep the paper moving through the supply chain at the lowest cost.


To maintain flexibility, Hyster® trucks feature quick disconnect hydraulic couplings to help to switch between clamps, forks and other attachments. Leak free O-ring fittings reduce the risk of product contamination, while multi-viscosity hydraulic oil maintains lubricity longer when operating at consistently high temperatures. This protects the hydraulic system from damage caused by oil degradation.


Vented hoods minimise the vacuuming effect from under the truck and the hydraulic accumulator provides protection to the hydraulic system and truck from shock loads and prevents hydraulic slippage. This is especially important in high capacity clamping applications as it minimises paper damage from clamp arms caused by shock loads (pot holes, dock plates, etc.).  It also improves operator comfort by absorbing shock loads.


Load Sensing Hydraulics help keep hydraulic pump usage to a minimum, and keep hydraulic oil cool.  To increase fuel efficiency, Hyster® trucks also offer the ECO-eLo mode which reduces governed engine speed and keeps truck engine coolant, transmission oil, and hydraulic oil cooler.


Wrapper damage caused by slack chains is also a common, but avoidable, issue within the paper industry.  A chain slack prevention valve prevents the mast chain from losing tension when the clamped load is stacked and the driver continues to operate the mast lowering function. When opened, clamp arms will not slip and damage the roll wrapping.


“A popular truck in the paper industry is the Hyster® H12XM-6 which suits a range of front- end attachments including 180/360-degree rotation, single and split arm clamps,” says David. “It provides fast lifting speeds without loss of capacity up to and including 6200mm. However, some customers need more compact trucks.”


A recent Hyster® customer had limited warehouse space but needed to lift 5000kg reels, stack 3 high and stuff containers with the same truck. A Hyster® Spacesaver truck was selected offering 9 tonne lift capacity (to allow for the clamp) with the same dimensions as a 5.5 tonne truck.


With a range of solutions to suit many different paper applications, Hyster offers local support, globally, to ensure unplanned maintenance is dealt with immediately and that paper operators receive the best advice to optimise their operation.
Wellingborough Mind Charity

Hitec Team Members Take Part In Charity Walk For Wellingborough Mind

On May 11th, team members Adam Lantsbery (Sales Director) and Hannah Newman-Plummer (Marketing Administrator) will be taking part in 2019’s Waendel Walk to raise money in aid of local mental health charity, Wellingborough Mind.

For two people who are known for a love of doughnuts, it’s going to be a big challenge but all in aid of a good cause.

Joining ‘Team Mind’ for the morning, Adam and Hannah will walk alongside Wellingborough Mind staff, volunteers and other fundraisers for the 9 mile (15km) hike on the second Saturday of the Month.

A fantastic organisation, Mind operates throughout the UK and offers support for anyone who struggles with their mental health. With an aim to reduce stigma and ensure that anyone who experiences a mental health problem receives help and respect, Mind is a wonderful resource and can help many better understand mental health.

If you’d like to help support Adam and/or Hannah, you can sponsor them by getting in touch with us on 01933 228127.

Wellingborough Mind Charity

If you would like to get in touch with Wellingborough Mind: 01933 223591 | www.wellingboroughmind.org.uk

Hitec Lift Trucks Easter Egg Hunt 2019

To celebrate Easter weekend, we hosted an egg hunt this morning for our employees. The idea was to have a little competitive fun and treat everyone to some chocolate.

Easter Egg Hunt

The engineers found nearly all of them and claimed all the prizes in the space of 5 minutes.

Easter Egg Hunt

We’re not saying there was shenanigans, but there were definitely shenanigans.

Ah well, at least we still have delicious Easter snacks!

Easter Egg Hunt

We’ll be shutting down over this bank holiday weekend (though our on-call service will still be live!) so we’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Easter!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and we’ll see you again on Tuesday 23rd.