Hitec Lift Trucks Easter Egg Hunt 2019
To celebrate Easter weekend, we hosted an egg hunt this morning for our employees. The idea was to have
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Hitec Lift Trucks Great Easter Egg Giveaway
Hitec Lift Trucks’ Great Easter Egg Giveaway!
To celebrate the arrival of Spring and the fact that Easter is on its way, Hitec Lift Trucks are
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An Exciting New Feature For Hitec; Connect With Us Through All New Live Chat!
  Hitec Lift Trucks are very excited to inform you that we are now reachable through Live Chat! We
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Vertikal Days
Free Tickets Available For Vertikal Days!
We may have mentioned over the past few months that Hitec Lift Trucks will be exhibiting at the Vertikal
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Why Warehouse..
Why Warehouse…?
In the second installment of our ‘favourite questions Google is asked’ series (the first being ‘Can a Forklift…?’), we
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Forklift Hire Vs Forklift Purchase: Which Is Right For Your Business?
Forklift trucks are an essential tool for many business owners all over the world. Both major and modest-sized companies
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Which Equipment Would Best Suit My Outdoor Project Or Facility?
Outdoor work comes with its own set of challenges. Indoor facilities have the benefit of protecting employees, stock and
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