Hire versus buy | Why Hitec’s flexible hire solutions could be the right choice for your business

As businesses across the country face up to the challenges of operating successfully in the post-lockdown economy, the concept of hiring equipment is becoming an increasingly viable proposition. This is mainly down to the wide range of flexible hiring options available that can often prove to be more suitable and efficient in comparison to outright purchasing.

The team at Hitec Lift Trucks has experienced an increase in demand within their hire division for not just forklift trucks, but also complementary equipment such as cleaning and powered access products. From the feedback received, it’s clear that the impact of COVID-19 is forcing companies to re-evaluate their strategies and hiring is seen as an easy way to help manage cash flow in the short term without compromising on output or performance.

Adam Lantsbery, Hitec Lift Truck’s General Manager, commented: “We are committed to working closely with our new and existing customers to identify the most efficient and cost-effective agreements for their requirements.

“We’re very proud of our extensive hire fleet of high-quality equipment and our capability to offer flexible agreements and payment terms.

“By adopting this approach, we’re hoping to demonstrate the positive benefits that hiring equipment can have on businesses of all sizes, and further enhance our reputation as a trusted local supplier.

“Hiring from Hitec is an easy way to help your business negotiate short term challenges whilst maintaining a high level of output and performance.”

To find out more about the flexible hire options available, please speak to one of our friendly team members via 0800 193 8127 or [email protected]

Hitec Lift Trucks – Your trusted local supplier, every step of the way

At Hitec Lift Trucks, we’ve worked hard to build up our reputation for providing quality material handling equipment solutions for businesses throughout our locality. The Coronavirus pandemic provided us with the opportunity to stand side by side with our customers as they faced up to a range of economic challenges. We’ve stuck by our principles as a trusted local supplier and we’re looking forward to supporting our customers as their activity levels and operations begin to accelerate.   

Given the uncertainty the continued uncertainty, it’s crucial that we can remain flexible in our approach and deal with our customers’ requests on an individual basis. Whether it’s through flexible hire agreements to meet extreme demand or expert engineer support to keep operations online, Hitec has worked collaboratively to find the right solutions to meet your requirements.

Hitec Lift Truck’s General Manager, Adam Lantsbery commented:

“We’re incredibly proud of the work our teams have carried out throughout the lockdown period to support local businesses and it’s provided us with the opportunity to build on our reputation.

“We have an incredibly diverse product range that includes material handling equipment but also complementary products such as our market leading cleaning technologies and powered access equipment. The market leading brands that we supply ensure we’re in the perfect position to support businesses as restrictions ease and demand increases.

“To find out more about how Hitec can deliver added value to your operations, please speak to one of our team here for friendly and helpful advice.”

To find out more about how our equipment solutions can help your business, call our expert and friendly team via 0800 193 8127

Introducing the H2.0-3.5UT Forklift Series


Hitec Lift Trucks are proud to announce the newest arrival to our ever expanding fleet of trucks – the H2.0-3.5UT Hyster Lift Truck range

Available now in LPG, Diesel and Electric configurations, these cost-effective trucks can provide a rugged and reliable material handling solution for a wide range of businesses and industries.

These trucks have a simple, ergonomic design which allows for ease of operation and maintenance – allowing you to keep your business moving. The UT range of forklifts also feature lift heights up to 5,500mm, lift capacities of 2,000kg-3,500kg and travel speeds up to 20km/h – making them perfect for smaller scale applications and facilities.

Available for both purchase and contract hire with Hitec Lift Trucks, the H2.0-3.5UT range of forklifts are your new, all-round lifting solution.

To find out more about the new H2.0-3.5UT Forklift series, get in touch today to speak to a member of our expert team. Call us on 01933 228127 or email [email protected]

Fork Truck Solutions

A Thank You From Hitec Lift Trucks

Thank You.

With businesses tackling so many unforeseen challenges, it has become vital to support one another.

Throughout lockdown, Hitec Lift Trucks has not only been able to remain open, but we’ve also continued to provide support to local businesses and traders.

Adhering to Governmental guidelines, the Hitec team have been able to offer equipment advice, servicing and breakdown support to businesses in need, as well as supplying equipment on short-term hire.

With restrictions now beginning to ease and many returning to work, Adam Lantsbery, General Manager of Hitec Lift Trucks, takes pride in what the company has achieved;

It has only been possible for Hitec to remain open thanks to the dedication of staff and the support of our customers. This has been a fantastic opportunity to show that Hitec is committed to supporting our neighbouring businesses and that as lockdown eases, we can be their “go to” provider for all their MHE needs.’

With engineers and administrative staff returning to 12 Bradfield Road, Hitec is now able to dedicate even more time toward aiding customers past, present and future.

We would like to thank everyone who stood by us during these difficult times, especially the key worker industries that have supported the UK. We’re very proud to have, in particular, worked alongside the Food and Logistics industries during lockdown. Your business is our business and we are eternally grateful for your loyalty.

Stay safe everyone.

Hitec Lift Trucks

The Hitec Reterospective: 2019

And just like that, another year is over.

2019 has gone by in a flash and whilst there’s been ups and downs, it’s been a great year for Hitec Lift Trucks. The tree is up, the lights are on and with Christmas only a couple of days away and with the dawn of 2020 on the horizon, it’s time to take a look back at our 2019 journey.

This year we’ve concentrated on expansion, growing our team, growing our space and growing our fleet.

We’ve come on leaps and bounds with the Hyster brand and have also added Hako cleaning equipment to the long list of equipment we can provide for sale and hire.

Our sales, hire and service teams have all welcomed new faces, whilst management of the business will be changing just after Christmas. Our two founders, Andy Selbie and Pros Girardi have embraced retirement and the next chapter of Hitec’s story will be led by recently promoted Adam Lantsbery.

We’ve taken on an additional building on Leyland Industrial Estate, allowing us to house even more equipment, our sales team and the Hitec Christmas Tree.

2019 has also seen Hitec Lift Trucks take on challenges for charity, including a sponsored 9k walk for Wellingborough Mind, a 5k Santa Run for SANDs and most recently Christmas Jumper day for Save the Children. We want to thank everyone who has sponsored members of team Hitec over the year, it’s wonderful to receive such support!

We couldn’t be where we are now without the phenomenal support of our customers. Not only have we had a bumper year for sales, but it’s been an incredible opportunity to work alongside some brilliant businesses and individuals. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone we’ve spoken to, delivered to and met with over 2019 and we hope that we get the chance to do so again in 2020.

In the meantime, we’d like to wish everyone a very happy festive season! Have a wonderful time and we will see you again in the New Year!

Autumn Outdoor Cleaner UK

A One Machine Solution for Your Autumn Outdoor Needs

Outdoor work is tough, especially when the darker seasons roll in. But businesses can’t simply stop operating, especially in the lead up to Christmas. Those with yards, grounds and other outdoor areas can particularly struggle to stay on top of things, especially when poor weather rolls in and days become shorter.

In this article, we take a look at a piece of equipment that can help maintain your outdoor facility/grounds as well as offer plenty of multi-function.

The problem with autumn

It’s difficult for people to hate autumn, it’s a pretty season and often a relief after a hot summer. However, autumn also brings rain, earlier evenings, wind and leaves. Lots of leaves. For some businesses, autumn is the mud before the river, a test before getting to the real challenge. By preparing correctly for autumn and having the necessary equipment in place, you’ll also be ready for what comes after it.

Those with indoor facilities have it a little easier; they don’t have as much of a struggle with the weather and their operations can typically continue even if its freezing outside. Outdoor facilities however have a constant struggle – dry warmer days can be infrequent so much business has to be conducted in the cold and the wet. If clients frequently come by, the yard/grounds have to be kept clean and tidy. To complete operations successfully, equipment has to be able to function in unpredictable conditions and often complete multiple tasks.

So, what can help?

We’ve spoken in length about how forklifts can have different attachments, making them incredibly useful. Not only can a large number of add-ons be used (such as buckets, scoops, gritters etc.) but the option of an enclosed cab can make a massive difference.

But what if you wanted a piece of equipment that could care for all your yard/grounds maintenance, separate from your forklift (which could then continue, uninhibited with your day to day operations).

Enter; outdoor cleaners.

Outstanding Outdoor Cleaning with Hako

Outdoor cleaners are commonly thought of (and seen) as just the little machines that cruise around town and city centres, sweeping up rubbish.

However, there’s plenty of potential to be found in the Hako range. From smaller, more compact models like the Citymaster 600 through to the much larger Citymaster 2200 there’s a machine available for every business. But let’s take a closer look at just what outdoor cleaners can offer.


Although we’re focusing on how outdoor cleaners are perfect for autumn, they’re extremely well suited to all seasons, despite their differences. Need to cut grass and hedges in spring and summer? No problem. Want to keep paths clear in autumn and winter? Whether its leaves, rubbish or snow and ice, the Citymaster can clear it.

The enclosed cabs feature air conditioning and heating to help keep your operators safe and warm and comfortable, no matter what the weather. Built to last and withstand difficult temperatures, the Citymaster range is a practical, effective and robust solution.

All models also feature all wheel drive to ensure that they can take on even the most challenging conditions. Excellent manoeuvrability and easy handling ensure that the machine and operator can safely navigate tough environments as well as travel along footpaths and on roads.

Quick-Change Attachments

The most promising feature of the Citymaster range is the ability to cater to a multitude of uses, thanks to a quick-change attachment system. With a coupling triangle at the front of the machine and a frame at the rear (which is removable) the machines are capable of using the following;

  • Sweeping unit
  • Scrub deck
  • Lawn mower/grass cutter
  • Snow brush
  • Snow blade
  • Snow plough
  • Gritter attachment and flatbed to hold the grit

They can also haul trailers, giving you a multipurpose solution that’s perfect for businesses that require their machines to handle a wide variety of applications. Swapping attachments also couldn’t be easier – doing so is a completely tool free exercise and only takes a couple of minutes. This also allows for easy maintenance of parts.

Anyway, back to autumn

One of the biggest concerns for many in the autumn is leaves. We may have mentioned them a few times.

Leaves can build up quickly, become mush equally as fast and become a legitimate health hazard if not removed. Whilst some may not consider leaves much of a problem in their outdoor facility, they can easily become a slip hazard for pedestrians and even a skid hazard for machines if they build up too much and/or become wet.

Clearing them can be an arduous, repetitive task which can strain the shoulders and back if done manually. By using the sweeper attachment on an outdoor cleaner, leaves can be cleared quickly and effectively without the need for your operator to even step outside.

Shorter days are no problem either as all outdoor cleaners feature excellent visibility and are fitted with powerful lights.

In Conclusion…

The Hako range of outdoor sweepers is a practical solution to a seasonal issue. Fully customisable and with a wide variety of attachments, they’re perfect for a wide range of applications. Well suited to difficult terrains, they can be used on grass, rough ground, pavements and much more. Want to find out more? Click here or call today on 01933 228127.

Forklift Sales UK

We’ve Expanded & A New Face

Briggs Equipment UK

New Acquisition For Briggs Equipment

Briggs Equipment has completed the acquisition of Northern Forklift (Scotland) Ltd, one of Scotland’s largest independent materials handling distributors. This further enhances the position of the asset management and engineering services specialist, as one of the key providers of materials handling equipment in Scotland.

Northern Forklift has achieved significant success supporting the thriving food and drink sector in Scotland.  The combination of Briggs Equipment and Northern Forklift will provide customers with access to a broader range of products and services. In line with the Briggs offering, Northern Forklift will also now be able to offer the Hyster and Yale product ranges.

Peter Jones, Group Managing Director of Briggs Equipment explained, “Northern Forklift (Scotland) Limited is a valuable addition to the Briggs group, bringing a wealth of knowledge and engineering skill. In addition, this will add depth to our already broad customer portfolio, drawing on Northern Forklift’s relationships with some of Scotland’s biggest brands. I am really pleased to be able to welcome the employees and customers of Northern Forklift in Scotland to the Briggs group.”

Andy Sirel, Managing Director of Northern Forklift (Scotland) Ltd said, “There is an obvious fit between the two companies in Scotland in terms of our collective customers and employees which going forward will benefit all stakeholders. Briggs Equipment are determined to be the leading materials handling provider in Scotland, so this is an exciting time to join the Briggs group. They already have the necessary foundations in place, so as we work together to deliver best practice on asset management and engineering services across Scotland and build on already well established customer relationships, I have no doubt that we can achieve that goal.”

The acquisition sees Northern Forklift (Scotland) Limited become a wholly owned subsidiary of Briggs, continuing to trade under its own name and with all current operational contacts remaining in place.


NEW! Platform Stacker Models

Hyster® is pleased to announce the introduction of the new platform stacker models S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S, and S2.0S (D442).
These new models are particularly suitable for:

  • Stock movement and transport over short/medium distances
  • Internal load transfer from end of line to shelves
  • Line feed
  • Transport of pallets stacked two high in a trailer (with initial lift and double pallet configuration)
  • For travel over uneven floors, door sills and/or ramps (with initial lift configuration)

This new platform stacker series replaces the current S1.5S(IL) (C442 series) and features:

  • a wider capacity range (from 1200 kg up to 2000 kg)
  • a lifting height up to 6 m
  • 1.8 kW and 2.5 kW AC traction motor
  • a 3 kW AC pump motor
  • a wide range of lead acid 24V batteries from 210 Ah to 375 Ah
  • Tiller arm
  • a maximum travel speed of 8.5 km/h with and without load



  • Competitive lifting and lowering speeds
  • Maximum speed up to 8.5 km/h with 2.5 kW traction motor


  • Robust base frame and battery cover
  • Sealed connectors
  • Single CAN bus with two redundant microcontrollers to increase reliability


  • Large foldable platform, with rubber floormat to provide excellent grip
  • Easy to read and reach dashboard in front of the operator
  • Good visibility through mast
  • Side arms designed for operator protection and comfort, easy and quick to open/close


  • Greased for life load rollers in mast design
  • Display provide error codes, battery status and hour meter
  • Plug-in service access
  • Bolt-on side arms cushion and bolt-on platform (easy to install/replace)


  • Electric system reliability


  • Two stage NFL/FFL and three stage FFL mast type
  • Key and keypad start system
  • Cold store application
  • Wire mesh grid and lexan mast guard
  • Load backrest
  • Double pallet (with initial lift configuration)
  • Several forks length
  • Single and tandem load wheels
  • Wide range of drive wheels
  • Pedestrian Awareness Light
  • Additional options like support bars, bottle holder, roll holder, A4 clipboard
  • On board and external chargers
  • Hyster Tracker

For further details on available options please refer to NOVO.


The new S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S platform stacker models are available to order through NOVO, using series code D442, from 1 August 2019. First production of this new series is planned for October 2019.

For prices of the D442 platform stacker series, please check NOVO.


The S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S (D442) specification sheet is in process and will become available in digital format via the Hyster Marketing Toolkit on hysterdealer.eu or via the Hyster website product pages at hyster.com as soon as they are ready. Printed copies thereafter will be available to order from the Hyster Webshop via hysterdealer.eu.


For details on the available batteries and chargers for the S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S (D442) see NOVO. For battery drawings for this new truck series see the Hyster Battery Drawing site, which has been updated.


The RDSL for the S1.2S, S1.4S, S1.6S and S2.0S (D442) will become available under the Parts Operations site on hysterdealer.eu, when the first trucks are ready for shipment.

RDSLs indicate periodic maintenance parts and essential maintenance parts. Periodic maintenance parts are service parts requirements for periodic maintenance based on the Service Reference Manual for this specific truck series. Essential maintenance parts are parts we recommend you to keep in stock from day one.