Previously, we’ve spoken about the benefits of additional forklift attachments (‘How to Prepare Your Forklift Operations for Winter’) but we thought that it might be of benefit to take a more in depth look at the wide variety of attachments available on the market today.

Since there is such a range out there, we thought we’d narrow it down to an industry sector at a time, so for our first look at what equipment could benefit you, we’ll begin with forklifts used in warehouses (fulfilment, storage etc.)

Warehouse Facilities

Warehousing is a very broad term; forklifts maybe required to work inside, outside, in small spaces, over distances and in a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Because of this dynamic nature, we’ve picked our top ten forklift add ons which we feel could help enhance your operations.

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Winter Attachments

1) Ploughs

To begin with, we’re going to talk about a previously mentioned product, but one which deserves a more in depth look.

Winter can bring with it a deluge or poor weather conditions, snow can be but one of the issues your operators may face. A plough attachment not only has the ability to push snow, but could also be used to shift fallen debris.

Typically ploughs are used to clear areas such as roads, but if you have a yard, outdoor loading area, car park or entryway, it’s perfect for making sure it’s accessible and safe.

2) Scoops

If simply pushing snow into a safer location isn’t an option, a scoop maybe better suited to your needs – and it needn’t be limited to building snow mounds.

Scoops are excellent, multipurpose attachments which can be used to pick up and move a multitude of items, such as:

  • Bulk goods
  • Broken materials
  • Waste packaging
Forklift Scoop

3) Salters

Winter can be a very dangerous time; not just for those operating heavy machinery or materials handling equipment.

If there are workers or pedestrians on foot, there can be the issue of slipping, which can result in serious injury. If a forklift were to hit ice and slide, it could be fatal.

Salters are a brilliant attachment option for those who need to worry about keeping their outdoor facilities safe and you can decide whether you wish to spread salt or grit. These add ons are particularly hardy and don’t require much maintenance.

Safety Attachments

4) Blue Lights

Mounted on the front or back of a forklift, blue lights are an inexpensive add on which can help raise awareness of a vehicle’s presence and potentially avoid catastrophic collisions with other machines or pedestrians.

Blue lights project ahead (or behind, depending on where they’re mounted) and warn workers that the forklift is approaching. This is particularly useful on blind corners or if the forklifts are operating in limited visibility, such as poor weather conditions or in tight spaces.

5) Reversing Alarms

This one may seem like a no brainer – reversing alarms are not a new concept, but they’re not a built in feature when it comes to many forklifts, however they’re invaluable.

If a forklift can’t be seen, with an alarm, it can be heard instead.

In a busy warehouse, it might seem pointless to have reversing alarms, as they might not be heard above the volume of a workforce. But there are alarms available which adjust to noise levels, ensuring that they’re heard. It’s also important to enforce safety culture with workers so that they don’t tune out the sound of a reversing forklift.

6) Cameras

Cameras are the future of forklifts.

Not only are there cameras available which can help operators reverse with full visibility, but there are cameras which watch how the operator acts and performs their job, giving accountability.

As a safety feature, cameras can not only help operators, but they can be used to pick up bad habits or gaps in training, as well as record any near misses – allowing for the ability to see where a facility may need to be improved or new practice developed.

Cleaning Attachments

7) Tipping Skips

Need to keep working areas clear in your warehouse or facility?

Tipping skips are the ideal attachment for a busy environment. The removal of waste or scrap becomes a quick process as skips are available in many different sizes and can carry varying weights; allowing for the selection of the perfect tipping skip for your needs.

There are heavy duty, eco and standard versions of tipping skips. If you’re unsure of what type would be best suited to your needs, why not get in touch with our expert team? You can call on 01933 228 127 or email

8) Sweepers

It can’t be stressed how important it is to have clear floor space. Not only can untidy floors cause accidents, but debris, broken goods, stray materials and rubbish can disrupt operations by damaging equipment.

With many sweepers capable of outdoor use, these attachments are durable and hard wearing. Some have rotating bristles, whilst others simply are pushed along by the forklift to gather dirt.

Several models of sweeper can also be used as snow brushes (we’re not obsessed with snow, we promise).

Operations Attachments

9) Platforms & Cages

We’re not cheating by placing two different things under one. Nope. Cages and platforms operate in a very similar manner. Once attached to the forks of the forklift, both cages and platforms can be used to raise workers and objects to a set height, allowing out of reach items and goods to be reached and brought back down safely.

Whilst cages are typically used for safety and rescue, they’re perfect for working at height. Platforms are best suited for the movement of goods across distance and for the loading and unloading of lorries, however they can also be used for picking and packing (access platforms).

10) Forklift Extensions

If you need longer forks, but don’t have the budget to replace those you have, forklift extensions are a low cost method of getting the results you need.

These are available in a variety of lengths, depending on your needs, and can help give your equipment that extra reach required to safely handle your goods.


If any of the above equipment has piqued your interest, why not get in touch with our experienced team who will be able to help you identify what forklift attachments would be best suited to your facility, business and needs? You can get in touch by calling 01933 228 127 or by emailing us at