8 forklift ‘fails’ from around the Internet

Forklifts are driven and controlled by licensed professionals who know the ins and outs of the job. But sometimes, things can go wrong. You can know all there is about forklifts and have all the skills and experience, but once you knock that lower pallet, gravity won’t be on your side. Human error, forgetfulness, and inexperience can all add to these mishaps, which will almost always result in something coming crashing down.

Most hapless forklift drivers won’t see it coming, but once they’ve failed, then all there’s left to do is laugh. Blowing a fuse, knocking a water pipe, getting the forks stuck, or bringing down a wall of beer are just some of the funniest forklift fails around. Here at Hitec we offer expert forklift training so you never have to feature in one of these videos!


Here are eight of the best forklift fails from around the Internet:

1) When working in a warehouse packed tight with pallets of stock, it’s easy to get comfortable in your forklift with everything going on in front of you. Except, it’s vital you don’t forget what’s behind you if you have something on the forks. This almost always means that if you lose control, you have no idea where you’ll end up until you’ve hit something. Unfortunately, this unlucky forklift driver learned that the hard way when hundreds of boxes fell on top of him and his colleague. They might need those forklifts to begin tidying up again.


2)Forklifts can lift around 1,814kg at a 24 inch load centre. Most professional forklift drivers know how much they can lift and carry to a certain location. They’re able to lift most items, so it’ll come as no surprise that lifting a man weighing around 90 kg is nothing to them. A man getting wrapped in cling film to a large item of stock is the subject of this forklift video.


3)Getting through those tight spaces should be no problem for an expert forklift driver. You have to maintain a steady speed and check all around to make sure there are no obstacles in the way. But for this unlucky driver, he doesn’t check his left-hand side and clips the wall, which then tears off the electrical box. It blows a fuse and all the lights go out. It looks like he’ll have to finish his job in the dark.



4)What happens if you don’t lower the forks? This unfortunate employee was using a forklift to bring down some laminated particle board. When an item is too high on a shelf, you might need a different forklift or you might just need to call for help. But instead of calling for help to make sure the board was level on the forks, he pulls back slightly, bringing the whole thing down. The particle board falls from the pallet, breaking into pieces.


5) This is why you should always lower the forks on your forklift. In this instance, the unlucky driver was hard at work, bringing a pallet of stock to a higher level in the warehouse. He maintains a steady speed the whole time and everything goes smoothly. After he’s deposited the pallet, he begins to reverse. But, because he doesn’t lower his forks, he knocks into a water pipe and goes straight through it. This causes it to split in half, and water goes everywhere.


6)You have to be an experienced forklift driver to understand the weight distribution at the front of the forks, and what will happen if you reverse and turn too quickly. This time, the hapless employee didn’t remember this number one rule of forklift driving. He takes a pallet, which must have been heavy, and as he reverses he goes too fast, causing the stock he was carrying to follow the force of its own weight, and it comes down with a crash.


7) Forklifts and beer never go well together. And they still don’t in this video. When this person was using the forklift to pull the pallet full of beer cases, it seems he didn’t take into account the other cases of beer below. He doesn’t lift it entirely and knocks into the row of beer cases below. The result is a river of exploding beer cans as the beer comes crashing down in a foamy mess.


8) What happens if you get the forks stuck in a pallet too high to fix? In this case, the driver gets them stuck and the only way to solve the problem is to bring the stock crashing to the ground, so that it looks like it’s raining boxes. The unlucky driver has lost complete control over the pallet and no matter what he does, boxes are going to fall down. Fortunately, the forklift’s roof stops anything from hitting him, so he just has to sit and wait for everything to fall off the shelf.



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